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Open Sandwich Platter: buttered slices of French bread topped with assorted fillings such as, chicken Mayo, roast beef with horseradish, cheese and cherry tomato, cream cheese & cucumber, ham, salami & olives

Closed Sandwich Platter: assorted white, brown and whole-wheat bread sandwiched with a wonderful variety of fillings, cut into triangles

Filled Croissants Platter: Mini Croissants filled a variety of savoury fillings

Mini Filled Rolls: Mini bread rolls with variety of savoury fillings

Cocktail Platter: Spicy chicken wings, samoosas, ribs, cocktail sausages, spicy cocktail meatballs, tangy chicken winglets, homemade sausage rolls, springrolls, cocktail mini pies

Seafood Platter: Cocktail crabsticks, deep fried crumbed pieces of hake, garlic fried calamari, crumbed prawns, mini fish bites

Savoury Pastry Platter: An exciting assortment of sausage rolls, cheese rolls, crispy samoosas and mini tartlets

Wrap Platter: Wraps filled with variety of fillings, such as sweet chilli chicken with avocado, grilled chicken and sautéed onions etc.

Mixed Grill Platter: Grilled steak, boerewors, chicken, ribs, served with slices of garlic bread

Cheese & Cracker Platter: A cheese lover’s dream – a selection of 3 cheeses to accompany a variety of savoury snack biscuits and pretzels

Cold Meat Platter: A selection of cold meat varieties complemented by a delicious dip and pickles.

Chicken Platter: Marinated grilled chicken drumsticks and wings, juicy chicken nuggets and chicken kebabs served with cucumber sticks, cocktail gherkins and pineapple.

Cheese and Meat Platter: A mouth-watering selection of cold meats, cocktail meatballs and a selection of cheeses accompanied by tangy pickles and dip.

Sweet /Dessert Platter: A selection mini tartlets, lamingtons, koeksisters etc.

Hot Vegetarian Platter: An assortment of vegetarian samoosas, spring rolls, cocktail pies, mini quiche, crumbed mushrooms, mini cheese puffs

Cold Platter: A selection of fresh garden vegetables served with a dip

Breakfast Platter: An assortment of muffins, croissants, scones served with butter, cheese and jam.

Toasted Sandwich Platter: assorted white, brown and whole-wheat bread, toasted sandwiches with a wonderful variety of fillings, cut into triangles

Fresh Fruit Platter: Seasonal fresh fruit sliced or skewered