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Main course


Chicken leek & sweet potato casserole 
Chicken & mushroom casserole 
Chicken paprika with dumplings 
Italian herb chicken 
Creamy cider chicken 
Mexican chicken casserole 
Chicken ala king 
Thai green chicken curry 
Roasted orange & apricot glazed chicken 
Lasagne chicken/beef 
Stir fry chicken/beef 
Thai red beef curry 
Beef stroganoff 
Beef, potato & capsicum casserole 
Mexican beef casserole 
Sweet & sour chicken/beef 
Curry/Korma– beef/chicken 
Chicken breyani 
Creamy fish casserole 
Tuna & white bean casserole 
Babotie & rice

Vegetarian options

Vegetarian casserole 
Vegetarian lasagne 
Thai veg curry 
Vegetarian korma 
Chunky vegetarian pasta & tomato 
Veggie stir fry 
Mixed bean curry

Side orders


Roast chunky veggies with feta 
Sweet potato & rosemary bake 
Creamy potato bake 
Eggplant parmigiana 
Cauliflower with garlic & white sauce 
Butternut & sweetcorn pie 
Mélange of veggies with tomato & basil


Lamb / Chicken / Beef Curry
Meat of your choice cooked in a spicy, yet not too hot, delicious curry and served with rice or rotis

Mince Kebabs & Roti
Mince meat rolled into meatballs with coriander, mint, chilli, spring onion and spiced – fried and cooked in a chutney.  Served with rotis.

Chicken / Lamb Breyani
An Indian dish with meat & rice combined into one dish, cooked with a variety of Indian spices and herbs.

Butter Chicken (North Indian)
Chicken strips prepared with a variety of indian spices/herbs in a creamy, spicy sauce, served with basmati rice or naan (Indian bread)

Lamb Korma (North Indian)
Lamb cooked until tender in indian spices and coconut milk, very creamy delicious sauce served with basmati rice or naan (Indian bread)

Chicken Tikka (North Indian)
Chicken strips cooked in a fennel flavoured sauce, served with basmati rice or naan

 French Salad

Greek Salad
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad
Bacon and Avocado Salad
Potato Salad
Tangy bean salad 
Pasta salad
Butternut & beet root with almonds salad.


 A selection of muffins, croissants and pastries served with butter, jam, cheese etc

Yoghurt, fruit salad & muesli
Continental Breakfast 
English breakfast



A wide range of hot & cold deserts